About Andy

Hello, I’m Andy, a Pacific Northwest native embarking on an adventure.KeyserFamily-DigitalSharing-108

Food is always synonymous with comfort and happiness and as I’ve grown I’ve found the best way to handle the stresses life throws at you is to cook up your feelings. From a young age all my memories are centered around food. The Christmas tradition of making Norwegian lefsa with my Grandma and Mother. Hand churning ice cream for dessert on the 4th of July. Brewing beer with my father attempting to perfect our recipe for raspberry ale. And now, cooking for my new and growing family.

So that’s where the name and idea for this blog comes from. Mise en place means putting in place, a term used in cooking for gathering all the ingredients called for in a recipe so taking the necessary steps is easier. Sometimes cooking helps put life’s ingredients together so we can take the next step.

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